Sellers Terms & Conditions 

To establish an understanding that describes the parameters of association between (first party) and the seller (second party).
Both parties recognize the potential of having an online marketplace and agree that both parties can provide added value to the other and to the end customer, based on this both parties agree on the following:
  • Creating account and adding company details:
    The account will be created by either the first party or the second party and company details will be added by any of the parties, which can be edited and published after systematic approval is done.

  • Adding products:
    The second party, or the first party on behalf of the second party, can add products, details, and prices directly on which will then be approved by the first party or pushed back for revision to comply with website aesthetics standards and policies.
    All products added must include VAT and is the final price payable by customer (excluding delivery if there are delivery charges, delivery charges must also include VAT)

  • Inventory monitoring:
    The second party is responsible for monitoring stock inventory wherever applicable and ensure removing products or marking product as out of stock to avoid unfulfillable orders
    The second party can remove the product through the first party system directly or through sending an e-mail or WhatsApp to the first party requesting a specific product to be removed.

  • Editing products:
    The first party can edit products to enhance aesthetics of the website or if demanded by the second party.
    The second party can edit products which will then be approved by the first party or pushed back for revision to comply with website aesthetics standards and policies.

  • Marketing:
    The second party agrees to allow the first party to undertake marketing activities on behalf of the second party. The second party accepts that the first party is allowed to use the second party brands, logos, and images in marketing campaigns that will benefit both parties. The second party accepts that photos and prices of its products, and the brand logo can be used by the first party for marketing materials.
    The first party accepts that the second party can market its listed products or brand and link directly to the first party website

  • Sale of product:
    Upon customer purchase, both first and second party will be notified thorough e-mail.
    It is the second party duty to fulfill the sale order unless agreed otherwise
    The first party may contact the second party to confirm and follow-up on order fulfillment
    If a product is out of stock the second party will get in touch with the customer to provide an alternative unless fulfillment is done by the first party. Disciplinary action such as banning and deactivating sellers may arise due to not fulfilling orders.

  • Delivery/pick-up
    The second party will get in touch with the customer to arrange pick-up or delivery unless fulfilment is done by the first party

  • Refunds/exchange policy
    The second party will provide/have a clear refund/exchange policy in the first parties system which will be shared and visible to customers.

  • Commission, fees & charges
    Sellers pay a referral fee on each item sold.

    For all products, Build District deducts the applicable referral fee percentage calculated on the total sales price. The total sales price is the total amount paid by the buyer, including the item price and any delivery or gift wrapping charges.

    Referral fees are fixed at 10% for all product categories, this is subject to change, any changes done to our referral fee structure will be communicated at least 7 days in advance.

  • B2B support
    The first party agree to provide full support to the second party and its customers in terms of usage of the system

The above terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.